Anfi Tauro Golf course

4.21 / 5 58 ratings. (37 course reviews)
Course: Anfi Tauro Golf course in SPAIN
Region: Canary Islands, Province: Gran Canaria, Municipality: Mogán
Anfi Tauro Golf
Anfi Tauro Golf
Anfi Tauro Golf

The 18-hole championship golf course at Anfi Tauro Golf opened in 2006 and covers an area in excess of 650,000m². The Arizona style course has been designed by renowned golf course designers von Hagge, Smelek and Baril, who are acclaimed for their challenging and innovative courses. The numerable tees on the course will speed up play and offer players of all levels a challenging and entertaining game.

Anfi Tauro Golf provides an idyllic visual backdrop to a privileged coastal setting, where you can enjoy an impeccably maintained course which hosted a Spanish PGA Championship level test.

Set in acres of lush green gardens with rich vegetation, lakes and waterfalls and enclosed by impressive volcano shaped mountains - the remarkable location is what makes the Anfi Tauro golf courses unique.

Anfi Tauro Golf provides an idyllic visual backdrop to a privileged coastal setting, where you can enjoy an impeccably maintained course which hosted a Spanish PGA Championship level test.

Set in acres of lush green gardens with rich vegetation, lakes and waterfalls and enclosed by impressive volcano shaped mountains - the remarkable location is what makes the Anfi Tauro golf courses unique.

Course reviews:

 4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2020-02-27

"Very senic" - TJ

 5 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2020-02-09

"Love this course. I wrote a review after our first round here and 6 rounds later that view has not changed. When we return next year we will most likely just play here. It offers great value compared to the other courses and was in great condition with some spectacular holes." - Julie

 5 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2020-02-08

"Spectacular layout, where every green is framed, either into and under the rockface or with valley and sea in the background.large Sloping greens with fast downhill putts. Position on fairway important so not always a driver off the tee. A good thinking course. The only downside, driving range was too far away to use. Staff were very welcoming and helpful. Would definitely play again. Our favourite course here." - Gertie McMullen

 5 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2020-01-15

"This is a great course and in excellent condition. A very warm welcome in the ProShop and from the Caddymaster. Buggies are compulsory during the peak season and come fitted with a GPS system. The course has an interesting layout with several changes of elevation. Water comes into play on a number of holes. The 6th hole is a lovely Par 3 framed by a large rock and the sea. In fact the camera came out on a number of holes as there are plenty of photo opportunities. The course is very Arizona like in places and one can only imagine how they managed to create the course. Whilst there is not a specific golf clubhouse, Anfi Emerald is right there and offers drinks and food at reasonable prices. We are playing 6 rounds here over the next month and are looking forward to these." - Julie Richardson

 5 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-11-15

"Fantastic course in the mountins." - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-11-05

"Four extremely slow players in front of us with or without hcp? And no Marshall at the course!! No starter nothing except a few course workers . This is the only course at Gran Canaria’s which ask specific for your hcp to book. ??????" - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-09-28

"Excellent design. Service bad. Had to wate 30 min. Late because of tiurnament." - Johan

 4.8 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-03-27

"Probably the best course at Gran Canaria. The quality of tees, fairways and greens is spectacular, along with superb design, it is definitely a must play course. Cannot forget to mention great staff and perfect service." - Golfer cz

 4.4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-03-20

"The course was in great condition. The scenery is amazing. It s a little hard in places with too much pathway. More grass would help" - The cat

 3.4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-02-12

"Tyvärr så kunde man inte använda rangen eftersom det var extremt långt till den. Golfbil var obligatoriskt men det var förbjudet att köra till rangen. Spektakulära hål på en välskött bana men en runda räcker för oss" - Ulf Wänelöf

 4.2 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-02-02

"Great course. It is a Must for Golf Players!" - Matt

 4.1 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-01-28

"Perfect condition. Beautiful Mountain course, not very easy but enjoyable." - Anonymous

 4.6 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-01-17

"Underbara golfhål med panorama utsikt, snabba greener och fairways i toppskick. Några hål spelades lite för kort och det beror nog på att banan är fullbokad från morgon till kväll. Bör upplevas, klart bäst på Kanarie." - Henrik

 4.6 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-01-13

"Den bästa banan på GC med tuffa greener och en underbar layout. Hål 6 och 14 är personliga favoriter. Hål 6 par tre 200 meter från gul tee rätt ut i Atlanten." - Moonzen

 4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2019-01-08

"Jätte finns banna men mycket svår slår du inte rakt så är det svårt. Dåligt att det inte tar klubberna och rengör de efter rundan när man betalar vad man gör. Jätte dåligt att man inte kan slå på drivning rangs. Men det är den vackraste banna jag har spelat rekommenderar det starkt" - Filip

 4.1 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-10-31

"Många nedslagsmärken på green" - Anonymous

 4.5 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-10-25

"Utmanande bana i en underbar omgivning." - Anonymous

 3.6 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-09-28

"Att inte kunna köra bil till driving rangen är dåligt. I övrigt så är banan fin och utmanande och vacker." - Staffan

 3.4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-09-27

"It was bad no foodcar" - Håkan Hedman

 4.1 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-09-19

"Fantastic course. I love it! Big thanks to the greenkeeper and staff!" - Mangan

 4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-09-17

"Breathtaking course. Sometimes difficult with golfers focus. The view or course?" - Mangan

 4.5 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-09-11

"Great course, I have played it many times and will come back again, all the holes are very different and this makes for a fun and challenging experience. Really enjoyed playing the course." - Craigcon Scotland

 4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-05-30

"Excellent course (played 4 times in a week), staff where very good, Pro Shop was a bit Old Fashioned golf attire was dated, hotel bar and restaurant was good value. Would recommend and would play again." - Whitty 62

 4.3 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-05-04

"Allt bra förutom att man inte kunde ta golfbilen till driving range. Riktigt dåligt! Innebär urusel möjlighet till uppärmning." - Johan B

 3.5 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-03-01

"Spektakulär bana som behöver några år till att växa till sig." - Mats

 3.3 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2018-01-18

"Man måste spelar Anfi Tauro om man är på Gran Canaria. Spektakulär bana med många roliga hål. Rekommenderas!" - Per D

 4.5 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2017-12-20

"En fantastisk upplevelse att spela. Kräver både tanke och mod. " - Henest

 3.4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2017-04-17

"Hej Av princip avskyr jag dold kostnader. Jag var inställd på att betala extra för att hyra klubbor och vagn, men att det var obligatoriskt med golfbil! Betalade 1000 i förskott och 800 till på plats. Banan fin men inte värd 1800 för en runda. Min Eagle på 18 uppvägde dock en hel del. Drivern kan ni skippa, smalt och mycket udda hinder. Vacker bana." - Anonymous

 4.6 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2017-02-27

"Min favoritbana på Gran Canaria helt fantastisk. Roliga hål med fantastisk vy. Har spelat här många ggr." - Bodil

 4.3 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2017-02-16

"Fantastic layout and views. Good gaps between t-times so no waiting between shots and no one pushing from behind. Quite a tricky course for the average club golfer with a lot of rock close to the fairways. Could not have a buggy early so getting to the driving range after parking the car was impossible. Bar and food post golf very good. Would definitely play this course again." - Lord Windermeres fan

 3.7 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2017-02-09

"Great course, with good service, Wish more healthy food on the buggy driving around, and more often rounds." - Geirr Carlsen

 4.7 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2017-01-26

"Fin golfbana i mycket bra skick. Snabba greener som gör att man måste placera bollen rätt annars blir det lätt 3 puttar.... Många hål har fantastisk utsikt och är som gjorda för vykort." - Henrik

 4.8 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2017-01-25

"Underbar golfbana med fantastiska vyer - inte så lätt med mycket snabba greener - efter ett par varv så lär man sig var man skall ligga.. endast ett hål nummer 12 - par5 som inte är så bra. Banan är mycket välskött med trevlig personal i både shop och övrigt.Rekommenderas till låg och medel hcp." - Måns

 3.8 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2017-01-19

"Bra skick på banan, bästa banan vi har spelat på Gran Canarias, och även ordning och reda. Servicebil med mackor o dryck. Trevligt bemötande av alla." - Sven

 4.2 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2016-12-27

"If you want to get new and escpecially young players to join your ecosystem, you should offer chance to play by walking. It is faster way to play than driving with buggy. Now you will reach reputation of old and retired peoples club. Anfi as a course was just perfect with challenging fairways and beautiful views." - Janne

 4.4 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2016-11-17

"Course was in exceptional condition and provided 18 holes of spectacular golf. There were no bad holes and never got bored playing ( played 6 rounds in 1 week!) Highly recommended." - Double F

 4.2 / 5 Anfi Tauro Golf course played: 2016-05-22

"Fantastic course with great vistas. No matter the score this is just a place you dont want to go home from." - Jakob

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