Azata Golf course

3.14 / 5 42 ratings. (34 course reviews)
Course: Azata Golf course in SPAIN
Region: Andalucia, Province: Malaga, Municipality: Estepona, Coast: Costa del Sol
Azata Golf
Azata Golf
Azata Golf

Azata Golf is a new 18 holes, PAR 71, located in Estepona that has spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Bermeja. Designed by Sterling & Martin, It is not a long course, its shaping is smooth and fun, the fairways are well defined and its Greens are wide and undulating. In an idyllic location, tranquility is the hallmark of Azata Golf.

The course is fully integrated into nature, this is evident in the wide biodiversity of both animal and plant species, its 6 lakes and the river that borders six holes create an environment of true wetlands for local and migratory species.

Apart from the 18 holes, Azata Golf will shortly have a driving range in front of the clubhouse with a capacity of 35 players at the same time, a short game practice area and a great Putting Green ideal for any type of player who wants to improve in his game game. Come and enjoy the best golf experience on the Costa del Sol.

Course reviews:

 5 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2022-07-04

"Nice coursr" - Anonymous

 2 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2022-06-10

"Greens were good- the rest shocking! Weeds on the fairways, if you could find the fairways. Grass long and sections of rough in the fairway. Tee boxes badly worn and bunkers wet and mud in places. Some had puddles. Layout is fine,buggy definitely required as quite hilly." - Alan

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2022-04-26

"The course was in very good condition especially the greens but the first 10 holes seem shoehorned into the space available and so are both difficult and unforgiving for medium to high handicappers." - Anonymous

 2 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2022-03-22

"Bad design, especially hole 3 and 12 make no sense, . Fairway maintainance not good. Greens are good though. Clubhouse not cosy. Food ok" - Arjen

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2022-03-20

"Första nio hålen är svåra och inte bra, det mesta hålen på skrå och blinda. Sista 9 hålen betydligt bättre och roligare" - Lasse U-a

 4 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2022-01-20

"Die ersten 9 Bahnen sind doch schwierig,die zweiten 9 sind gut zu spielen, ." - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2022-01-18

"This course is quit new but the fairways and the clubhouse seems very old. The first nice holes are more difficult than the second nine. " - Harm

 2 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-12-30

"Der Golfplatz hat uns nicht gefallen. Die meisten Fairways fallen total nach links ab, so daß die Bälle immer runterlaufen.Die Grüns sind onduliert. Kurzum, es macht keinen Spaß, dort zu spielen." - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-12-11

"Good tactical course. A course for better players" - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-11-14

"Svår bana men vacker" - Lasse E

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-11-11

"This is a course for skilled golfers. Many fairways remind you of ski slopes. I don’t like holes when most of the landing areas are blind. Good greens though." - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-11-10

"We did not like the layout of the course. It is a very hilly course and the holes are narrow and it is hard to keep the ball on the fairway on many holes because they lean to one side. There were also quite many blind holes and playing it the first time with no course guide available is also very hard. I couldn’t find any slope information on the website, but it is a very challenging course for all who have troubles hitting straight and clean." - Stina

 4 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-11-08

"Great: - Last 9 was really great. Great views. - Great service in the golfshop. Great bocadillas. Bad: - No idea of how the hole were. No layout of the holes. - No gps function for Golf watch. - A lot of out of bounce / narrow course. " - Andreas Norlin

 1 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-11-08

"Dreadful course layout on the first 9 holes Second 9 better, but not special Driving range not operational Rude marshals Illegal pin positions in slopes Never again" - Amused1204

 4 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-11-04

"Good condition tee, fairway, green" - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-11-02

"It was very wet om fair ways afterski rakning so We were unluckey today." - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-10-26

"You can play better course for the money" - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-10-17

"Very well maintenance Nice and modern club house Very challenging course for our first time playing here" - Federico Buendia

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-10-15

"The course is nice, very good greens. But its takes 5 hours to play.." - stiken

 4 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-10-12

"A short course but with plenty of interesting holes. Condition could be better but not bad. Good value for money. Buggy recommend. Not a difficult course." - Spiggy

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-10-09

"Good course but hard to find the way between the holes. And many "hidden" holes. The greens where ok but many marks after balls that had hitten the greens. Very friendly staff, the tried hard and did there best" - Mr Wilhelm

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-10-07

"The course is quite new, just opened in June of this year. the driving range is still not in operation and the chipping and putting area is very small and very far away from the clubhouse. the course itself has great potential, but it will take a long time to make it work professionally. there’s no GPS signal on the course, means neither golf watches nor mobile phone will work, in addition there are no descriptions or signs at the holes to show distances and topography. you have no idea where to play the ball to. You have to tee off blind on several holes, no chance to spot where the players in front are (bells are needed) holds 10, 11 and 12 a very close together and there are no nets to protect the players from rackets. The fairways are very nice, but quite wet. In this condition Buggies are harmful! The same goes for the wonderful greens. They a peppered with pitching marks, poor! Summary: There is a lot to do and if the owners don’t look after the cross it will be destroyed before being 100% in operation." - Simone 333

 2 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-10-06

"All slopes, distance markers difficult to see, no description of holes on tee, nice greens , flag poles too flexible, " - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-09-19

"Played for 2nd time-front nine tricky, back less so" - Alan

 4 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-09-12

"Enjoyed the course. Greens very good, some fairways a bit bare. Lay out good" - Alan

 5 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-08-25

"Well kept and somewhat challenging" - Henrik

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-07-15

"Första 9 lite trixiga, man bör veta var utlaget skall placeras. Fick info av killen i baren om detta, hjälpte oss en del. Trevlig personal. Bil rekommenderas. Ny bana helt ok." - Stig Stickan Johansson

 4 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-01-17

"Very difficult parcours with a lot of blind shoot and fairways rolling down hill... The greens are very fast but very well look after." - de Latre du Bosqueau

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2021-01-05

"The course is quite tricky, the rating is too low. The greens are super fast. Unfortunately, nothing is green here on this square in winter. Either there is no watering or the type of lawn goes into hibernation. Unfortunately, the driving range is not finished yet, although this was promised a long time ago, but the overall situation for this new place is very ok. Prices super reasonable. Günter und Gisela Schmidt, Urbanisation Capitolio_Valle Romano" - schmidtgu

 2 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2020-11-08

"Leaning fairways on the first nine holes was a disaster. Lost a lot of balls even though i had straight drivers from tee. The course need to be played a few rounds to get to know how to play it. " - Stenis

 4 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2020-10-09

"First 3/4 holes are challenging but enjoyable overall" - Ron

 1 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2020-10-03

"9 first holes unplayable due to tilted “fairways” Last 9 better but all fairways had no grass Only earth and rubble. Terrible layout. Lots of blind strokes. No water in sinks on the toilet." - Torben

 4 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2020-08-26

"First 9 holes are too “slopppy” Even straight balls are running out into the ruff / out of the hole Last 9 are much more realistic Greens are unbelievable good" - Dries

 3 / 5 Azata Golf course played: 2020-07-26

"Some holes are on a mountin so, the ball are always in the right or left side." - Peter Sejer

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