Cabopino Golf course

3.8 / 5 221 ratings. (137 course reviews)
Course: Cabopino Golf course in SPAIN
Region: Andalucia, Province: Malaga, Municipality: Marbella, Coast: Costa del Sol
Cabopino Golf
Cabopino Golf
Cabopino Golf

A large number of trees helps to create the warm atmosphere at Cabopino. One the more spectacular holes at Cabopino is the third. This holes tee is very elevated with the green some 60 meters below. If you are a big hitter it is possible to reach the green with your drive although it is 288 meters from yellow tee.

Course reviews:

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2021-04-16

"Expérience unforgettable Costumer service was very good Thé staff was friendly Thé fairways were very nice" - Carine

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2021-04-08

"Some nice holes combined with some, that make no sense to include with such a course. Building industry is noisy and makes your play uncomfortable...but still some nice views." - Honey the Rocket

 2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2021-03-01

"Mycket smal bana med hus fram till fairway på många ställen. Inte i bästa skick." - Lennart

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2021-02-02

"Very picturesque and not overly difficult, was a pleasure to play. " - Peter & Jeanie Keena

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-12-23

"Tight course - short but interesting layout. Fairways a bit wet but excellent fast greens. Buggy is a must.Its rather irritating that the buggies are under internet surveillance so that sometimes slow down unexpectedly when you are near areas that is not suspected to be protected." - Torben

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-11-15

"Wells kept cousy course with beautiful views and diligent and friendly staff" - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-10-17

"Beautiful golf course, compact but not easy to play with some narrow holes and fast greens. Spectacular hole #3. Very friendly staff. A safety box in the buggy is a plus for your phone and wallet." - Josiana

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-09-22

"we found the course very challenging, our handicaps ranged from 28 to 14. We lost almost all of our balls combined. Having said that the course is fantastic condition and the greens are like glass. I would definitely like to play it again now I know the layout. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and the course was busy as we tee'd off at 10am" - Kirk

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-08-27

"Cabopino is one of our most attractive course. Very challenging Beautiful layouts and always in good shape. The view is amazing" - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-03-13

"Too much up and down fairways to meet my needs." - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-03-08

"Signature 3rd hole is very memorable. Quite few tight holes. Not the most enjoyable of courses but relatively short for courses on the coast" - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-02-11

"Informationstechnik wehre to go from one hole to the following could be better. The Staff is very friendly Buggy okay Surroundings good W'll see You soon" - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-02-10

"Beautiful course at atractive greenfee. Buggy recommended. GPS in the buggy very anoying as they are not well installed. Slows down and infoms you to return to the buggy path while you are on it. Almost impossible to go on fairways with the buggy. Hole 4 tends always to be very wed." - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-02-07

"As usual, Cabapino was quirky, interesting and a fantastic place to play and also to enjoy some food afterwards." - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-01-22

"At this time of the year the course was also excellent. I played it several times and enjoyed it each time." - The Mulligans

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-01-20

"Nice layout, first 9 a little special, hilly. Nice sorroundings as always. Hole 3 very high. Depended using buggy. Nice small restaurant with friendly staff. Will come back, nice course." - Jon Tegneby

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2020-01-01

"Difficult but all holes are enjoyable whichever your playing hcp ! Beautiful place, none of the surrounding constructions are disgraceful. Particular mention to hole #3 which is really impressive !" - Vincent & Sylviane

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-12-29

"Hard course with narrow holes. Bad restaurant." - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-12-18

"Som alltid välskött bana. Lagom svår för medelgolfaren" - Arveheim

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-12-09

"Really nice course pleasing on the eye, greens were fast and good, staff very friendly" - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-12-06

"Excellent quality concerning tees, fairways and hole information. The greens extremely fast and high quality." - Two satisfied Swedish players

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-12-04

"Spectacle outlooks to theSea. Many beatyfull holes, particularly par-3s, some not so good holes, quality green-grass, good value for money" - Rami

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-11-25

"Les trous avec les pins sont très beaux les autres moins. Les green sont diaboliques tres roulant et grosses pentes. Le parcour est assez étroit. Il y a de très belles vues sur la mer. Cdt" - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-11-19

"The superfast greens destroyed my day. It was impossible to get the balls stop near the holes. Most of them luft the green for a second chip..?? I wonder what polish the have used. By the weather was nice. ??" - Stenis

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-11-15

"For me a buggy essential , only one green that was covered in pitch marks but that’s lazy players. The tees have been recently been spiked & sanded none of the above could detract from the beauty of the views" - Colin

 2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-11-09

"It is short and squeezed into the available land and too busy. We were paired with a couple from Finland who simply could not play well enough to keep pace with the people in front so we were constantly pressured by those behind. The course should be described as a short course so players know most holes are short par 4’s." - Johnnymag

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-10-30

"The course has character compared to most courses in the area which are generally more flat. Challenging in the sense of up and down hills. Would be less challenging for first time users if signs and course description were better. Did not like that some of the greens were very close to houses and risk for hitting gardens. These should be better protected by by safety nets. Buggy is strongly recommended for first time players. The buggies included safes for storage of phones etc - very nice. " - Golfgutta

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-10-25

"Spectacular views and varied layout. Green were very fast with incredible breaks. Not too long but quite tight and difficult. Pro shop service not great but caddie master very helpful. Buggies definitely required (buggies have GPS and security safe. Buggy paths smooth. Par 3 holes 13 and 15 were brilliant playing over water." - Alan Mccolm

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-10-17

"Nice course with some spectacular views and a couple of challenging holes." - Ivan

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-10-15

"Good conditions, difficult greens!" - Bruno

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-10-14

"In great condition and the staff great. Holes were varied ad interesting and the fairways were in great condition. Greens were very fast with underlations and quite difficult but in great condition. Generally the fairways are quite open apart from 2 or three but overall a good course. One of the holes give a great view along the coast to Gibraltar. Buggies had sat/nav system and scoring facility which guided your way and buggy paths were good. Would not recommend walking this course (need buggy) Overall great golf and good value for money!" - Grant Smith

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-10-13

"No problems - very playable course" - geeinspain

 2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-10-06

"If you like to play uphill and downhill it's ok I'm not" - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-10-05

"Good but difficult course with nice see views. Holes are good and the the greens are very fast." - The Mulligans

 1 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-10-04

"Only scored 14 points! Course was badly designed" - Sad golfer

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-09-13

"Difficult layout and fast greens. Narrow fairways and tricky. Very good condition of the course" - Golfer

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-09-13

"Very speedy greens and a spectacular view on the see from a lot of holes." - Gilles Cadorel

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-09-06

"Quite a tight driving course; better to not use driver on some holes. Interesting layout with some good holes. Fairways were a bit bare when played in early September i.e. not always good rich grass/turf below the ball. Greens were good.Tees were good.Bunkers were good. Generally course was in quite good condition. Buggy needed since it is hilly." - Antonio Keenan

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-09-04

"The course played really well and is improving year after year , the only down side is the course buggies around 8/9/10 holes also including the food buggies were very prominent" - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-08-31

"Alays great condition and views. Low season, few players and great prizing." - Christer

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-08-30

"Everything in good shape.. gps in the buggies is very sensitive for unallowed areas. Everything well indicated. Casa club is poor. Nice shop. Green fee excellent va lue for money. We will come back." - Pim

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-08-20

"Bien cuidado. Hoyos espectaculares y greenes bastante difíciles. Cafetería con vistas magníficas y muy buen servicio" - José Fernandez

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-08-16

"A very interesting course which is very well maintained. Challenging with pretty fast greens. In general very much worth the money, the staff are very welcoming and nice. How 3 is stunning ! " - ChrisB

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-08-11

"It was very well manicured, greens were very nice and fairways lush" - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-08-08

"Very friendly staff, a nice welcome both from the pro shop and the buggy man. I was put with a German couple to make a 3 ball and they were great fun too. Thank you for my very enjoyable experience, Jeff Kamester" - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-07-30

"Course in good shape. Staff very friendly" - Anonymous

 4.3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-07-08

"beautiful views, challenging but lovely course. Having a safe in the Buggy is fantastic and takes away some worries. Also they now have new buggies with Satnav, really very good." - ChrisB

 3.7 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-05-12

"The course was in good condition, the greens were patchy but true." - Rob Wilson

 4.6 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-05-06

"Nice green area in the middel of nature and Nice views at the sea. We enjoyed the surroundings and the sangria afterwards on the terrace" - Inged

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-05-06

"Very tight off the tees, more a strategic course than grip it and rip it type. Suited all handicaps. Not played here since 2007 and overall the course has matured into a cracking test." - Moosie2019

 4.3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-04-26

"Course in great condition. Narrow holes with beautiful views. Definately a must-return." - Christer

 4.1 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-04-16

"I love this course because of his wonderful views to the sea!" - Bruno

 3.1 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-04-11

"Relativt backig, alltid uppför eller nedför. Hål 3 är en utmaning. " - Anonymous

 3.9 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-04-05

"Vackert belägen bana med fantastisk utsikt. Kuperad bana som med fördel spelas med någon som spelat där tidigare då det krävs lite planering för att få bollen att stanna på fairway." - Åsa

 3.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-04-02

"To short" - Bevden

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-03-30

"För svår för medelgolfare smal och snabb men mycket fin att titta på Lars-Göran 71" - Lars-Göran 71

 3.7 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-03-19

"Första gången jag spelade denna bunkerbana. Som behöver spelas några ggr för att lära sig undvika bunker slagen" - H.Fast

 3.2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-03-16

"The greens are really small, but not holding, so it was therefore almost impossible to score well." - UK golfer

 4.2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-03-14

"All good, happy with everything" - Dogfox

 3.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-03-14

"Very tight, lost lots of balls" - Dave

 3.7 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-02-19

"Very nice environment. Greens somewhat trickey as balls roll easily of. Bar restaurant and terrace very basic." - Pim

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-02-19

"The course was in good condition, the greens were very fast. There were a good variety oh holes which meant course management was a high priority. We played Cabopino 3 times over a fortnight, with no negative issues to report. Marshalling was very noticeable which kept play at a good pace. Will definitely be playing next year and hope the staff are still as friendly as this year." - Anonymous

 3.7 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-02-19

"Fiat procent greenfee for a nice golf course" - Ton

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-02-15

"Very good condition with some improvement work in progress. First time playing but enjoyable and will return. Excellent value at present." - Stevealios

 3.9 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-01-17

"Nice course, good service, wil come back" - Jon Tegneby

 4.1 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-01-08

"Actually an interesting course. Good views, and everything in very good state." - Salva

 4.2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-01-07

"Excellent Course, Fantastic Service especially the Caddy Master/Marshal, such a nice man! Just maybe one issue, the slope driving from the 3rd tee is of course to be taken with care, however I do feel that they need to perhaps put some form of rubber matting towards the bottom of the slope as this is where we lost the buggy sideways twice!!" - ChrisB

 3.7 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2019-01-03

"Great View. Slippery greens." - Minna

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-11-19

"Tricky and challanging. Still nice course to play. Will play it again next year. " - Anonymous

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-11-12

"The description of the flag position was excellent." - Nolden Franz

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-11-08

"Lots of things to think about when on the tee and some difficult drives. There is tight approaches to all holes and trying to work out the pace and line of puts is virtually impossible. Lots of uphill and hanging lies. Apart from that the course is straight forward. The 5th hole tests the nerves off the tee and on the tight second shot." - Anonymous

 3.6 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-11-07

"The course has beutiful sceneries. Nice par 3 hole 3, beatiful, but couse a queu and lot of waiting time" - Anonymous

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-10-22

"Väldigt trixig och kuperad bana där det gällde att få utslagen rätt placerade. Hål 2? med sin stora nivåskillnad mellan tee och fairway var väldigt spektakulärt och roligt." - Håkan

 4.2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-09-21

"Me and my three friends were very pleased with the course and it fully lived up to our expectations. There are many holes and fairways on this track that were amazing. But Especially the hole where you get up high and can see the green far down was absolutely amazing. We can definitely recommend this course" - Anonymous

 4.4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-06-29

"Course in great condition all staff very professional and friendly. Will visit again next year." - Alan Thomas

 4.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-05-24

"We play this course every year and it is in the best condition we have ever played. I always think the 3rd hole is one of the best anywhere, very rewarding if you get it right. It must be said that this is a challenging course and a good test for anyone." - DB

 4.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-05-24

"I think it is quite a difficult course but the 3rd T is always my favourite anywhere . I always look forward to it." - DB

 3.4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-05-14

"Trevlig bana,något svår. Har spelat där för 2 år sedan,hålen ngt förändrade. Men intressant." - The nordins

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-04-14

"Jag gillar banan och utsikten. Hela atmosfären var fantastisk Maten var dålig Behövs göras om totalt Servicen mycket trevlig Återkommer naturligtvis med bättre chipping Greenerna var ojämna tyvärr Buggy ingår mycket bra" - Gråtass

 4.2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-04-11

"Mycket utmanande! Blixtsnabba ondulerade greener! Mycket upp och ner! Relativt kort! Tre par 3, en par 5 och resten par 4! Fantastiska vyer! Underbar bana om du gillar utmaningar!! Mycket jobbig att gå!" - Teodor

 3.3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-03-30

"It was not so easy to know where to aim since it was the first time. It took almost five ours we had to wait at every hole.The course was nice and hole number there was spectacular." - Danne

 2.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-03-19

"För många riktigt dåliga golfhål! En Marshall som jagade alla bollar med idealtider, trots att det var buggy förbud på fairway. Vilket gör det omöjligt att hålla samma tid som utan restriktioner. Slutsats, välj andra banor!" - Peter Parker

 3.4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-03-15

"The course was very wet.Greenfee should have been reduced. " - Anonymous

 4.3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-03-06

"Staff were the friendliest I have met," - Barry Macdougall

 4.2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-02-22

"Nice course, up and down all the time, varied type of holes." - Anonymous

 3.6 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-02-20

"Good course for the price. Only issue was that we appeared to have been double booked so were sent out 20mins before time which was a bit rushed!" - Anonymous

 3.2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-02-11

"Trång, men trevlig" - Anonymous

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-01-23

"Haben den course mehrfach gespielt. Teilweise spektakuläre Löcher zB. Loch 3 verbunden mit hohen Ballverlusten. Die Gruens sind zu schnell und zu stark modelliert, so dass jeder gute Score auf den Fairways auf den Gruens wieder mit bis zu 5 Putts zunichte gemacht wird. Hohes Frustpotential!" - Golfwolli

 3.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-01-18

"Greenfee is really cheap but there are some holes which are not ok : pin position on hole 2 (front green) was impossible : if you hit the middle of the green your ball ended up back in the front bunker ? Hole 5 is really limit !" - Patrick

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2018-01-13

" Front Nine is very difficult with target golf required , the back nine opens up considerably , in general the course is in very good condition" - Tony Buckley

 4.6 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-12-09

"Spectacular 3rd hole. Worth going just for that!" - Chris Hannam

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-11-05

"Cause of Security I hope that They will put up the net Sidewards outside the caddy master To prevent accident. this was happening that a man was hit by a ball while waiting there!!! Should NOT be possible!!!" - Tony

 3.6 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-11-02

"Course is wonderfull we are coming there again and again in spring perhapsh." - Anonymous

 4.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-10-31

"really enjoyable day, friendly staff good variety of holes. Looking at playing again on my return to Spain in March" - Bushey Golfer

 3.3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-10-01

"Very very slow. With bad golfers and no etiquette. Tees very poor." - Anonymous

 4.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-09-28

"Great early round in good golf weather, very pleasant course and will recommend" - kevin ives

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-09-23

"to many people on the course" - Anonymous

 3.6 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-08-12

"Vacker och trevlig bana, ok puts för de pengarna" - Anonymous

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-07-21

"Very good course for the money. Very tight fairways and challenging fast greens. Not a long course but still a good test of golf" - Les golfer

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-07-17

"Helt ok bana. Dock många korta par 4 vilket gjorde att man nästan bara spelade driver och wedge." - Magnus C

 3.9 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-07-06

"A very nice surprise, the course was in good condition, the fairways were quite tight but each hole was very interesting to play. Very good value for money the staff where very pleasant. I would certainly play this course again" - Tony Sarson

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-06-26

"Good idea to buy a course planner" - Nick The Fish

 3.7 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-06-24

"Stunning views and very challenging but enjoyable holes" - Poor Putter

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-06-17

"Not exactly an easy course. Some tees with great view. What a feeling when you hit a great shot from the tee on hole 3 :-) Good value for money ! One remarque : the step to go up to tee of 5th hole is .... a shame and dangerous !" - Patrick

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-04-14

"Very well kept course. Tight fairways lots of challenging holes. Fast undulating greens. Marshalls made sure pace of play was acceptable." - Essexgolfer

 3.4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-03-29

"Interesting little course with great fairways and very much contured and fast greens" - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-03-28

"The course was in good condition which you would expect at this time of year, however the greens were cut very short and were solid thus making it very difficult to stop the ball even for the lower handicappers in the group. Having played many rounds this week on some better courses these greens were by far the hardest greens we came across" - Shankers Tour

 4.1 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-03-25

"Bra helt igenom inte bara att veva på utan lite tanke behövs" - Kvirre

 3.4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-03-24

"The tees was not in good condition, no grass. We could not get the buggys in time so we have time to go to the driving range. Its not funny to go out without having time to practice." - The golfer

 3.7 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-03-13

"A must if you have never played it before, great views of the sea and the 3rd hole... well it has to be the most elevated tee on the coast for sure." - Anonymous

 4.4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-02-15

"Good course but a lot of peuple" - Michele

 3.6 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-02-09

"Thze greens were in poor shape" - Guy

 3.1 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-02-08

"Course not fair" - Anonymous

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-01-20

"The track was in very good condition, green were very quick not accustomed manner so fast greeneer. The layout was very nice. Liked track crisp." - Thomas Karlsson

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-01-12

"Spectacular views and the drive at the third is amazing. Use irons off some tees for positioning as this course is not overly long." - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-01-11

"Fairways and Bunkers ok. Greens to fast for me. Layout and surroundings very nice." - Golfwolli

 4.1 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-01-04

"Lovely course with spectacular views." - Anonymous

 3.6 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-01-03

"Play 10 times ok course" - Per Nielsen

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2017-01-02

"Tricks course" - bogey

 3.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-12-29

"Nice, tricky, spectacular course. Good price and I will def. return." - Female golfer

 4.4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-12-28

"Fantastiskt skick, mycket utmanande, svår JA, otroligt vackert!!!" - Hjordis

 3.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-11-19

"Greast course with great view" - Skamris

 3.2 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-11-12

"The tees and greens could be in better condition but overall it was ok" - CJ

 3.4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-11-11

"Efter att ha checkat in hos en mkt otrevlig äldre Dam i shopen så räddade caddymastern anseendet Han va mkt trevlig o service minded banan är trevlig och det lönar sig att spela strategiskt o spela järn från många tees" - TP

 3.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-10-07

"Nice course...challenging!" - Foxy

 4.3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-10-05

"Great course and well designed. Some super scenery and the hospitality was excellent. Highly recommended" - Boggie

 5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-09-25

"Cheapest course we played.possibly the best short pretty course on costa MEGA" - Anonymous

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-09-18

"Short but challenging course with fast greens. Great view on the Mediterranean Sea (and some cranes)." - Menno

 3.4 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-09-15

"Banan är vackert belägen och särskilt kan sägas att några av de sista 9 har en bedårande utsikt över havet och Marockos kustlinje. Banan i sig är kort, vilket kompenseras av smala och lite knixiga hål; bra eller inte så bra? Flera hål med dålda flaggor, vilket invaggar osäkerhet hos den som inte känner banan. Inget favorithål men 3:e är ju ganska spektakulärt." - Lars Gustaf

 3.1 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-09-09

"vacker , men lite slitet här och var. Inga bra bunkrar" - hammarn

 3.9 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-08-27

"A Beautiful surrending with fantastiskt views. Friendly staff." - Tomas

 4.3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-08-12

"fantastic view on the sea very good price the sangria was really good on the 19th" - daniel

 3.5 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-06-16

"Beautiful course with beautiful views. Fair course but not so easy as it looks at first sight ;-)" - Birdie Ben

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-06-14

"Interesting short course but expensive for the overall service" - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-06-09

"Toilets are terrible (Restaurant )" - Juergen

 4.9 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-05-20

"We have played this course about 3 times a year for the last 10 years an we think it is in the best condition it has ever been. We cannot think of anything to complain about" - DB

 3.8 / 5 Cabopino Golf course played: 2016-05-01

"En kuperad bana, som blir lite trixig att spela, några hål lite inklämda/trånga. 3:ans hål är speciellt, green ligger många meter under tee. " - Lasse m familj

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