Estepona Golf course

2.9 / 5 81 ratings. (55 course reviews)
Course: Estepona Golf course in SPAIN
Region: Andalucia, Province: Malaga, Municipality: Estepona, Coast: Costa del Sol
Estepona Golf
Estepona Golf
Estepona Golf

Estepona golf has always been run with the motto “the friendliest course on the coast” and visitors to Estepona golf find that this is their club away from home. The design uses the natural landscape which is set against the Sierra Bermeja mountain range, and enjoys sea views from most parts of the course.

Course reviews:

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2022-06-11

"La cancha es excelente de diseño , pero le falta manteniendo, aunque los greenes estaban muy bien. " - Anonymous

 1 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2022-04-26

"Hole 1-3 unplayable!! Bunkers like rubbish collectors. Buggy pathes not driveable. Played the course Last Time 2019. what a difference. Inform your Customer this is not worth any Euro!!!" - Wilhelm Dirxen

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2022-04-08

"Banan har ny ägare och första dagen för spel med nya ägarna var idag. Banans kondition är ganska bra, fairways och grenner var ovanligt bra men allt runt omkring behöver en ordentlig "uppfräschning". Detta kommer att göras enligt personalen som var mycket trevliga och tillmötesgående. Buggy rekommenderas. " - Owe och Kerstin

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2022-03-04

"Very low prices, not crowded. Staff is very friendly and flexible. But the course (incl. the club house) needs a refurbishment. But still worse a nice afternoon round. Greens are fast and mostly well serviced. Fairways are shaggy and grass is too high. Only gasoline buggy’s are available. (Loud and stinky) Buggy path are bad, better be slow. No restaurant, only beverage service." - Simon333

 4 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2022-02-26

"Although not in very good condition Estepona is well worth a visit. It has some excellent holes with great variety. If you are looking for a manicured course do not go to Estepona. However, if you are interested in a course with variety, good holes and a well laid out course then this is a place to play. I think that more attention should be paid to the state of the buggy paths as some are definitely dangerous. But we survived even with wet slippy paths! Will play it again but hopefully not when damp and cold!!" - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2022-01-19

"This course is nog my favorite, the buggies are old and not enviromental proof. The paths near the fairways are old and bumpy. In my opinion a couple of years ago This course was better." - Harm

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2021-10-08

"The course is currently in poor conditions specially the front nine. Neverthless, the managing Team is very friendly and cutomer oriented. Let’s hope they’ll succeed to bring the course in good conditions again." - Bdrum

 1 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2021-07-29

"Un campo pour les chèvres pas pour les golfeurs Un scandale, Green malade, pas de fairway de la terre herbes dans les bunkers club house qui sent l’urine campo a éviter incroyable de trouver ça en Andalousie et de payer 40€ le greenfee. Et buggy à essence pour finir Horrible je demande le remboursement " - Jeanneton

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2021-06-28

"Dårlig banepleie , uttørket, store baneskader på grunn av villsvin som har gravd . Personal hyggelig." - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2021-03-22

"It,s à nice golf course, but not so well maintained. The green fee reflects that fact however." - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2020-11-09

"The course has clearly suffered from the cutback in numbers of greenkeepers. But this was inevitable due to Covid, and nit the fault if the owners or management. The greens played well. Many of tge fairways however needed a cut, one ball was lost somewhere in some clover on the fairway! But overall very goid value for money, uncrowded and welcoming" - Chris

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2020-09-01

"good greens but disappointing fairways" - ron

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2020-08-22

"The course was not in great shape to be honest. Fairways are patchy in some areas, and waterlogged/boggy in others. Several of the bunkers also were unplayable due to water from the sprinkler systems. Greens were kept well. Buggy paths were ok, but a couple of missed turns due to lack of signage. I would absolutely recommend a buggy, lots of hills and a fair distance to walk. Overall, and price considering, it is at the right value for your money and a course I'd play again for that value." - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2020-02-22

"Course Not in very good condotion" - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-12-31

"accueil sympathique parcours moyen trop populaire le plus gros problème aucun starter et pas de marshall pour réguler les parties lentes" - harel

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-11-10

"Fairway dålig. Greenerna ok. Lunchen godkänd men inte meta." - Tage Nordkvist

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-10-23

"The only grass on the course were on the greens and tees. What should have been fairways were non existent and was effectively scrubland playing off dirt. We realise green staff have problems so did not complain but had I not previously booked I would not have played. Green fees should have been reduced whilst in this condition!" - Alan Mccolm

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-10-22

"We play this course almost every year but this year we were dissapointed in the quality idd the course." - Anonymous

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-10-20

"To many places out of Gras. Really bad conditions." - Anonymous

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-10-14

"Greens good Tees ok. Fairways the worst we ever played." - Anonymous

 1 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-10-04

"No grass on fairway or tee. If you like to play entire round in a giant slope, this is the course for you. ??" - Johan

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-09-27

"First nine were good but as we went further into the course it got a lot more disappointing" - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-09-21

"Was very wet, fairways in poor condition. Some nice holes but in poor condition. Greens were good. Doubt we would go back. General opinion of group, course good do with a bit of a clean up." - Ken Smith

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-09-04

"Although the course has some challenging holes the fairways were in terrible condition, which surprised us for the height of summer. This is probably why the green fee was so cheap. Very nice clubhouse." - Anonymous

 1 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-09-03

"The course was absolutely not worth the money. Very poor fairways with lots of dark areas without any grass at all. " - Allan

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-08-06

"Torra fairways, grönt och brunt gräs samt stundtals inget gräs. Semiruff ojämn och tufsig. Vissa bunkrar delvis vattensjuka, (kan bero på tidig starttid kl 8). Greenerna var bra och jämna, lite tröga." - Sven Steinholtz

 2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-07-28

"Tees: Ok, could have been better. Fairways: Need maintenance, large areas were without grass. Greens: In very good conditions." - Jack

 3.5 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-07-08

" Needs serious maintenance. Potential is there." - Golfer

 4 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-03-26

"Nice course" - Old golfer

 2.9 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-03-03

"En trevlig bana, inget favorit hål direkt bra skött överlag. Men övrigt börjar bli slitet, vissa saker sköts inte, växer igen runtomkring. Klubbhus m m Kanske inte banans fel men hela vägen in från Estepona till själva banan växer ju igen, man undrar om man kört fel!" - Anonymous

 2.6 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2019-03-01

"Great location but in poor condition. Greens are good. Some considerable distance from green to tee makes a buggy a necessity for many. Overpriced for this range of course." - Rody

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-11-23

"never play this course after rain. The course is too bad... Normally nice to play, but by rain no!,,,, Dangerous buggy paths!, But very friendly people in the office! " - Anonymous

 3.3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-11-18

"we didnot play, because of the bad wetterand thunderstorms! But we got new vouchers. Nice people. We know the courseis verybadby rain." - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-10-27


 3.9 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-10-25

"worth playing but really hilly, need a buggy. Greens quite soft and slow. Views were excellent from top of course." - Anonymous

 3.2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-10-19

"Condition of the course is not a first priority." - Pauli

 2.3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-10-15

"Course is in very rough shape. The greens are ok, but the fairways are very beat up and not well maintained. The layout of the course is a little goofy. The practice green was terrible. Not a great experience, and not recommended. Very disappointing." - Anonymous

 3.8 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-10-07

"A good varied course, great fun to play especially hole14" - Andy

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-10-02

"Hålkopparna var igenvuxna på samtliga greener antydande att de inte flyttats på minst 2 veckor. Tee plattorna var placerade så att du absolut inte hade två klubblängder bak till ditt förfogande på flera tee. Buggies är bra med automatisk broms. Banan i bra kondition helt ok och då prisvärd. Knepigt att det inte är obligatoriskt med buggy. Gående spelare fördröjer spelet pga långa transportsträckor mellan vissa hål. Några bra hål. Öppningshålet, 3:e spektakulärt och, 10:e är en utmaning om du går för green. Men all in all, en helt ok bana till i förhållande till pris." - Gorannki

 3.3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-08-27

"Better than expected. Quirky course, tight on some holes, but enjoyed playing it" - Les

 3.9 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-07-29

"good course overpriced compared to competion in the area" - Alan

 4.2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-06-16

"Course was in good condition, not as hard as other local courses, greens were in good condition. If playing early there is some water on fairways from watering. Good value for money." - Si

 2.9 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-06-07

"Some lovely holes but the course itself was badly manicured. There was no sand in the bunkers and the greens were poor. Some areas of the fairways were saturated as the watering system had not drained properly. Might come back again if assured that the course is in good condition and I am offered a cheaper price as other courses we played were similar money but much better condition." - Anonymous

 3.8 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-05-01

"The course is quite amusing. The layout is not perfect but interesting" - Anonymous

 3.8 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-04-09

"Nice course, played it many times and it has some challenging holes. In busy times it can take 5 hours due to inexperienced players and no handicap restrictions. This should not put you off however." - golfer

 3.3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-04-02

"Price/ quality course oke" - Anonymous

 3.3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-04-02

"Nice course for a good price" - Dekkie

 3.5 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-03-25

"Banan tål inte mycket regn, det var väldigt blött efter ett regn när vi spelade" - Björn

 2.6 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-03-25

"Bad maintenance Bad fairways Showers and locker rooms from the 50ies, terrible state Everything closes at 18.45 while they sell late teetimes!!!! Only holes away from clubhouse, second nine, are okay. Rest bad state Never ever again" - Anonymous

 2.8 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-03-13

"The course had some interesting holes, but it did not looked well cared for. That may be unfair as there had obviously been so much rain and we paddled round the course - it really should not have been open." - Anonymous

 3.4 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2018-02-24

"God for the money" - Super gringo

 3.5 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2017-11-04

"Not my kind of course, but som funny holes :-)" - Mr. Hansen

 3.2 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2017-10-16

"Always a Nice course to play. One off the few courses with a reasonable price." - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2017-10-11

"We thought the fairways were already renovated. But it was not finisched- that was a pity! we hope the next time everything will be better" - golfer

 3.8 / 5 Estepona Golf course played: 2017-09-26

"Was nice to play in the countryside away from rows of apartments and noisy roads. Peaceful. Course was quiet in terms of players too, no timing pressure, very relaxed round." - Anonymous

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