La Cañada Golf course

3.53 / 5 74 ratings. (37 course reviews)
Course: La Cañada Golf course in SPAIN
Region: Andalucia, Province: Malaga, Municipality: Manilva, Coast: Costa del Sol
La Cañada Golf
La Cañada Golf
La Cañada Golf

Great value for money, the first municipal golf course in Andalusia came about due to an impeccable design by Robert Trent Jones (Holes 10-18) and Dave Thomas (Holes 1-9) and the effort made by caddies and workers from the village of Guadiaro. Challenging fairways, fast greens, large groves of indigenous trees and spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

Course reviews:

 4 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2022-07-18

"Lovely course, always really enjoy La Cañada but I have to say it’s looking a bit tatty and unkempt compared to the last time I played it about 4 years ago e.g. the sign above the clubhouse that’s missing a few letters!!" - Anonymous

 4 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2022-06-16

"sehr gut gepflegter Platz mit einigen schwierigen Spielbahnen. Freundliches Personal. Gute, schnelle Grüns. Buggy nicht zwingend erforderlich, aber hilfreich. " - RK/S

 3 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2022-05-21

"Nice cours whit fine greens nothing to complain about." - Mats A

 4 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2022-04-25

"Fun course, difficult greens." - Anonymous

 4 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2022-03-19

"We liked to play as very often, although it was windy and cold. The course interesting as always and we made the last two holes (water and Valley!) Staff was friendly, but Not the following netherland Players, but that is not a reason to visit La Canada again. Buggy might recommemded for older Players, but it is not a must The buggie-paths are ok, greens and fairways in good conditions." - Wolfgang

 5 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2022-02-13

"Innovative, different, challenging, beautiful, and good greens. Not to mention the view! We really enjoyed the clubhouse atmosphere as well." - Lars

 4 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2021-11-12

"Fairways är lite torra och brända till viss del (21-11-12). Men det påverkar inte mycket. Fint skick på green och dess närområden. Bra greener som man måste vara noggranna med. Detta är en bana som är utmanande och rolig att spela. Jag gillar att gå runt banan och det fungerar utan bekymmer att göra på Canada. Trevligt bemötande och hjälpsamt av golf personalen. Bra träningsytor. En golfkrog som är välsorterad. Det är också en klubb som har en trevlig social stämning. Vilket syns på träningsaktiviteter bl.a Jag har spelat här två gånger och gör det sannolikt flera gånger till." - Göran

 4 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2021-11-10

"Interesting course, bubbly path need some improvement." - michael

 2 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2021-10-22

"Fairways in Bad condition Grass Brown mostly Kitchen closed After 06pm Buggy very old awfull to Drive Even € 75 too much!" - German1

 3 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2021-08-02

"quite good course, we where asked to start at hole 10 and thats ok, but when we came to hole 1 the starter would not let us out on the first nine, we managed to get out with another 2ball so we did play our 18. good course poor service and a rude starter. might play there again but with so many good courses in the area the new and higher price at LaCanada i rather play other courses." - Rikard

 2 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2020-03-02

"Blind holes. unexpected and unfair fairway course. Even if you make good shots you get penalised because of the design, not fair" - Anonymous

 2 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2020-02-28

"Nice and friendly Starter Woman , unfriendly and arrogant Starter man , emphasizing that this course is the Most frequented in Spain.If it is really so they should very much care about the fairways , which have nothing green , only Brown and yellow , Not talking about the Buggy paths , which are partially Not even under construction.Again Kids on the course , wandering from hole 14 to 17 , then to 16 and then to 15.Not recommendable" - Anonymous

 2 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2020-02-18

"Scruffy and dry...fairways not fair with a lot of bad run offs. Hole 10 closed with very poor directions as to where to go. Poor value." - R Shelswell

 4 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-11-29

"Bana i mycket gott skick och med supersnabba ondulerade greener De sista två hålen kan med fördel anpassas till medelgolfaren. På båda hålen måste man landa bollen på minst 140 meter och det är få av oss 20 handikappare som gör det. Banan är lätt att gå då det inte finns några längre avstånd mellan hålen. Fint belägen restaurant med mycket rimliga priser. Billy" - Anonymous

 2 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-11-15

"Greens unplayable and fairways too tight. No grass. Teed off at 1.50 and at 6 pm had only played 13 holes and had to come in. Very slow. Backed up three groups per hole all the way round. Unacceptable." - Anonymous

 4 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-11-10

"Alldeles för långa väntetider 9 hål tog för oss 3 tim Med andra ord med våran starttid så hann vi inte spela 18 hål" - Anonymous

 3.9 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-06-21

"The front nine is quite different from the very challenging almost impossible 17th and 18th holes. It was a hot day so I used a buggy but there were plenty of walkers on the course. Public course with excellent driving range facilities." - Stardusty

 3.2 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-04-12

"Bra pris, lite slitna tees, sista 9 hålen har ett par kalle anka hål." - jonny3

 3.1 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-03-31

"It was a 5h.30 min round. no marshals to speed it up. i lost the will to play and came in after 14 holes.... very poor for such a nice course" - Jerry boy challange

 3.7 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-03-08

"Good" - Oslington

 4.1 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-03-07

"Tricky, Nice, Down to Earth, funny course." - Straightshooter

 4.2 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-03-03

"Very nice course, various holes and back nine is challenging. Recommend it much" - Askan

 2.7 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-02-26

"Das 18 Loch muss man einfach gerade spielen !!! Eine Herausforderung" - Michael

 4.1 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2019-01-05

"Polite People Nice surroundings Funny course Irritating bogey on 7 Excellent lunsj" - Straightshooter

 2.8 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2018-11-06

"Det tog alldeles for lång tid , nästan 6 timmar , ingen Marshall på banan som kontrollerade ." - Miche

 3.5 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2018-10-02

"Hål 1, 17, 18= inget för spelare som slår kort med driver." - GJ

 4 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2018-07-09

"La Canada is a great value course. Always friendly and well presented with a couple of quirky holes. It was in very good condition when we played it recently" - Mickyj

 3.5 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2018-03-23

"Klart förbättrad sen senast, omgjorda tees gör väldigt mycket. Många roliga hål som gynnar bra tee skott." - Peter Parker

 3.5 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2018-03-19

"Tot busy after a lot of days with rain. Some rude people with no knowlegde of the etiquettes. Hole 17 and 18 are great golf holes" - Jan

 3 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2018-03-09

"I have played 5 Courses during my stay right now,this was by far in very bad condition,sorry to say" - Michael

 3.1 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2018-03-06

"Paths are dangerous because in such a bad condition. Buggies are bad too. No maintenance???" - Anonymous

 4 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2017-12-26

"This course is indeed unique in this area, it is a very diversified place, I like the water green and of course the canyon at hole 18. In general the view to the sea is extraordinary at many holes." - Marco Metzner

 3.1 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2017-11-15

"Too many people! schould start at13:10, we started because of delay at 13:50! At 18:00 we still hat to play 5 holes which was unpossible because of the darkness. We played Canada every year, but always a lot of waiting during the round! Too many private tournements!" - the putter

 4.1 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2017-11-14

"Prisvärd bra bana som är rolig och spela. Avslutningshålen är både tuffa och roliga" - Anonymous

 3.9 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2017-10-11

"Trevlig och välskött bana. Fint bemötande av personal. Fina greener och fairways." - S-O

 3.7 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2017-10-05

"Rundan tar alltid lite längre tid än på andra banor. Banan skulle må bra med ett mellanrum på 10 minuter mellan bollarna." - Anonymous

 3.1 / 5 La Cañada Golf course played: 2017-10-03

"This course is a challenging one , but The greenfee is cheap, So you cannot expect a course like Valderama." - Angelika

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