Torrequebrada Golf course

4.01 / 5 164 ratings. (94 course reviews)
Course: Torrequebrada Golf course in SPAIN
Region: Andalucia, Province: Malaga, Municipality: Benalmádena, Coast: Costa del Sol
Torrequebrada Golf
Torrequebrada Golf
Torrequebrada Golf

Torrequebrada was host of the 1977 Spanish Open.

The course has many doglegs which require good tee shots. The third hole is a very challenging par 3 and only 80 metres long.

Course reviews:

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-06-10

"top course in the right condition, friendly waiters and good motivated pro shop personel, the course is very natural and one enjoys a magnificent music from so many birds living around the course." - Pablo Esparragos

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-06-04

"Considering the maintenance recently carried out the course played really well. It is always a pleasure to play this well set out course Customer service was as always first class" - Phillip Littlejohn

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-05-25

"Great course good condition" - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-05-16

"Course in great condition but play was unacceptably slow. Almost 6 hours. No attempt by Marshalls to improve pace of play" - John Burke

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-05-09

"Stunning location with great views & greens 3rd hole is a classic …" - Dave V

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-04-15

"The lunch at the clubhouse was very expensive and overpriced and the dishes minimal. Other guests complained about the same and made comments that it was no surprise that so few players stayed for lunch or a snack." - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-03-28

"Exciting course, good condition." - Pal Undall

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-03-24

"Due to the terrible rain fall during 3 days the course was perfect! And the girls at the caddy master have been very helpful with our delays on the road! Many thanks r-to them!!" - de Latre du Bosqueau

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-03-21

"Due to the bad weather further south we made a quick decision to play at Torrequebrada. The course was in nice condition, with very undulating fairways and quite a few trees. A very memorable downhill par 3 of 90m which proved difficult to get a par on. But a lovely view! The clubhouse was very nice, but we didn't eat here so unable to review the food." - Paul

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-03-11

"Great design, good service, tees not in good shape" - 911 golfer

 3 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-03-07

"Funny. Good greens." - Anders Ditlevsen

 3 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-02-27

"This course we played many many times. Nice lay out and in general always in a good/accaptable condition. Never seen before that the guy from the reception was acting as Marshall. To our annoyance he keeps driving around and shouting we need to speedy up. This man does not belong on a golf course. For the price we paid we expect excellent service and not this type of idiots driving in a buggy. Restaurant is empty and thus no nice ambiance." - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-02-21

"Trevlig varierande design i helt ok kondition. Trevligt bemötande och väldigt god lunch." - Henrik

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-02-07

"Fantastisk miljö med bra service. Vi kände oss mer än välkomna. Jag skulle uppskatta om alla spelare blev bättre på att fylla i sand i uppslagna delar av fairways samt att kratta bunkrarna. Vi gick i första bola men herren innan visste inte hur man krattar bunkrar eller om det var från gårdagen." - Anonymous

 2 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-01-29

"Very friendly Staff allover, all bunker were raked which was a plus. Greens and/or flagpins a bit to fast/Hard for us.we expected more when it comes to confition of the fairways and roughs. Me and my brother players with one scorecard ball placements in the fairways. I do not think that is so good for a course that takes 80 euros. We left the course after 11 holes beacause the tempo was to slow. We passed a four ball from France thanks to your course manager. But they were not exactly smiling and it takes away a bit of the fun when it is bad temper from other players. Then we got behind another two ball of average players Who were gping på trolleys so it took forever an they never looked back. So as said before we left after 11 holes. However i still want to once again again that all Staff we mer were superfriendly. Theproshop, the ones handling the boogies, tee Lady, course manager and the ones in the restaurant." - Patrik Lerud

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2022-01-06

"Very good condition fast greens" - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-12-14

"Wonderful Place and course. The condition was great. A real fun but tricky course. Demands the best of you as a player. Not long holes but tricky. I would rank this as my new favorite on the cost." - Niclas N

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-12-04

"Nice course, played it many times. This time very good condition A bit hilly, but walkable. Price a bit on the steep size. Tee boxes a bit worn." - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-11-23

"The course was in great condition for the end of season. The greens were very fast and tricky. The pace of play was good too, taking just over 4 hours and with buggies on paths rule. Overall a great day. Will come again." - Donald

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-11-16

"Once again a pleasure to visit Torrequebrada. No golftrip to Andalusia without playing this course." - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-11-01

"In general very good conditions. The course is varied and challenging, with som great views as well. Some bunkers lack sand. System for pin position not in use on every hole,, hence difficult to judge distanse to pin." - Anders

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-10-26

"Greens perfect at October Fairways really in good and green condition Greenfee worth for this course Besides this, the challenge to play your handicap and the landscape around makes Torrequebrada to one of the favourites at Costa del Sol. " - Juergen

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-10-25

"A lot of variations, elevations,dog legs , short/long holes, greens quite difficult and a number of difficult pin positions , but also less challenging. Mint condition Every hole has its own character and is easily remembered. Be sure to use enough club to get up to elevated greens-or accept serious punishment! And what a change in the pro shop and the starter; a warm welcome now. The general impression is; make sure you visit this course!" - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-09-11

"The course layout and scenery is spectacular, among the best I have ever played. Most surfaces are in excellent condition. Rough is like a thick moss, very hard to hit from. We played in the morning and not all bunkers were raked." - Christian H

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-07-23

"Beautiful course. Played it twice. First time I had to watch and learn. Second time I've really enjoyed it. Lot's of blind holes, but good to play. It's a busy course. Difficult greens cause fast and not easy to read. Restaurant (terrace) is quite a disappointment after playing. The view is spectacular, but the rest is poor." - Sonnee

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-07-02

"Superb course, we were warned of some less grassy parts of the course which were treated as under repair but thoroughly enjoyed the course again. Service from reception, as always, excellent." - Phill Littlejohn

 3 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-06-09

"Course good, layout difficult many blind holes Fairways not good Service friendly and good " - Reinhard

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2021-03-10

"Nicer amazing and very good quality" - Davidou

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2020-12-06

"Nice course in good conditions! Many difficult holes if you play the first time there. It was windy and humid." - Mauro

 1 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2020-10-10

"we Always play this course and we Always loved it but now the pinpostion was ridiculous!! ( pinposition was yellow) almost on every green the pin was placed on a sloping surface( slope) !!! this realy distroyed our game! for us the last time we have played there. please send them this comment. " - Mark

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2020-02-28

"Course in good condition, always a great course to play" - Anonymous

 3 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2020-02-24

"the restricted use of buggies was a nuisance for our group of mature [old] players." - four for two

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2020-02-19

"Nicely kept, very beautiful surroundings, very few player’s, not easy to play" - Kurt Häussle

 3 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2020-01-24

"I have played this course many times and really like the layout. It is a good course for all standard of golfer. However this time the course was not in very good condition. I appreciate that there had been a lot of rain but the fairways were terrible. The greens and bunkers were fine despite all the rain. As always the staff were very friendly and we did enjoy the round. I do not know if it was all down to the rain but I suspect they need to spend some more money on maintenance." - Eduardo Izquierdo

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2020-01-20

"Vi elsker Torrequebrada og har spillet den 1-2 gange om året de sidste 30 år Men hul 16 var lukket og de havde lavet et lille par 3 hul som var meget ringe Det burde vi have fået af vide da vi bestilte tiderne og der var ingen rabat på banen selvom der kun var 17 huller? Vi havde bestemt valgt en anden bane hvis vi vidste at eg hul var lukket Mange Hilsner Per 23208320" - Just

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2020-01-17

"Great course staff helpful" - Garry hall

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2020-01-15

"Love this course best course in Costa Del Sol" - Garry hall

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2020-01-15

"What can one say Excellent" - Garry Hall

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-12-31

"Course was good but some of the greens were bumpy." - Peter

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-11-28

"C'est un vieux golf magnifique. Des greens très roulant avec de belles pentes. L'accueil est gentil et serviable. À faire impérativement." - Anonymous

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-11-11

"a Little bit tricky, but wider than it seems" - Anonymous

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-10-17

"The course was perfect only thing was they paired us up with nice people one didn’t play golf so you can imagine the balls that was lost that we had to look for so after spending €190 for two it wasn’t the best experience" - John Thompson

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-09-14

"The whole course was very ondlated, with elevmaterial greens. It had been a better experience if you were allowed to drive the buggies on the fairways. Now it was allt of walking up and down on the steep sides of the fairways. It took to much of the Energy, just to reach the balls for every stroke. And the course was not that west." - Leif

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-09-11

"Fairways excellent greens a bit slow, marshals not keeping play to an acceptable speed as 5 hours 5 minutes is too long especially when a 2 ball is holding everyone else up" - Paul Grainger

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-08-19

"Great course, love playing it. Only complaint was the cost of the food on the buggy bar, twice the price of most courses but minor detail." - Ray Davies

 3.6 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-06-28

"Better price!" - Denis

 5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-06-07

"Fantastic days golf! 18 golfers and all agreed its one of the best courses in Spain! Staff and service was first class everything was carried out in a professional but friendly way We will be booking 2 days again next year" - Anonymous

 2.8 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-06-03

"After short time we met a very bad, female master, who several times disturbte our play. Whem we met her first time, we was 7 min. after timescedule; when we ended this was 10 min. Why so intolerant woman? Find a new coursemaster." - Anonymous

 4.5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-05-20

"The course looks amazing. You play in a suburban surrounding, but you hardly see houses. It is testing because it is undulated, but fair. Playing it the second time would make it a little easier. The staff was very friendly and helpful, they changed our tee time 2 times because of our car problems. Go there!!" - Sultan of swing

 4.7 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-05-20

"Popular course so it was a bit slow." - Lux

 4.2 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-04-07

"Bra bana lagom kuperad rolig, trevlig miljö" - Roger

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-02-10

"Upp och ner och fram och tillbaka, fantastiska hål och vyer. Flera storslagna hål som ger stora utmaningar. Väldigt rolig bana där det inte bara är att slå så långt som möjligt. Planera spelet och spela smart premieras. Flera hål kan ses som favorithål då flera är spektakulära. Hål 7 är häftigt och roligt, vågar du gå för greenen? Hål 16 är annorlunda, det går att nå över vattnet! Hål 18 är svårare att nå fram än jag trodde då vinden krävde 2 klubbor mer.. Denna bana rekomenderas!" - Anders Söderlund

 4.4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-01-28

"Super course ! One of the best in Marbella ! We will come back soon !!" - Anonymous

 3.8 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-01-22

"Perfekt " - Per

 4.6 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2019-01-09

"Great course .Bunkers have wrong sand .When you stand in them you sink and sand is deep . Overall great course just avoid bunkers" - Garry hall

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-11-24

"Vacker utsikt på flera hål men väl mycket upp och ner. Tyvärr fick vi bara köra golfbilar på väg." - SJ

 4.5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-11-18

"sehr schöner Golfplatz, personal sehr freundlich (Ana)restaurantpreise etwas zu hoch" - horst

 4.6 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-11-14

"Sehr schöner und gepflegter Platz, aber nur mit Car. Kommen sicher wieder." - Horst

 4.6 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-11-07

"Difficult course for the high handicap. Most drives have obstacles to overcome. Heavily protected greens make bunker visits inevitable. The difficulty of the course meant a 5 hour round with the groups in front of us continually searching for their balls. " - Anonymous

 3.2 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-11-01

"Extremt likgiltig Marshall. Hann ikapp föregående boll vid varje hål. Marshall gjorde inget. Många blinda Kalle-Anka-hål. Vackert emellertid." - Stones

 3.8 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-10-17

"Första gången En trevlig överaskning" - Arne

 3.7 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-10-17

"A very good and variable course, the most important fundamental its nice to play" - peter svensson

 3.4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-10-05

"Lite väl dyr, långsamt speltempo, kass service i restaurangen." - Jocke

 3.6 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-10-04

"Storslagen golfbana som ramas in av träd med breda fairways, en del dalar och stora greener. Hål 3, korthål på 60 meter är inget golfhål man vill se på en sån fin bana i övrigt. Restaurangen var en besvikelse, fanns bara äckliga trekvarts sanwich i plastförpackning att ta med på banan och ingen kiosk på banan. Banan var väldigt trevlig men speltempot under all kritik, över 6 tim runda. Marshall fanns på banan men sa att tempot va normalt när det är fullbokat, det gör att jag inte kommer spela denna bana igen. Spela tidig morgon är min rekommendation." - Joakim

 3.4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-09-22

"Short from yellow tee. Overwatered greens and some bunkers. Very slow, soft greens that became bumby by footsteps. Nice layout and a lot of interesting strategic holes. If you are a low hcp player use back tee." - Tomas

 3.7 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-09-09

"Always one of our favourites,the reception and restaurant improved" - Auke Peter

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-08-30

"Fantastisk fin bana i ett perfekt skick. Spektakulär och otroligt vackra vyer. Vi var ett gäng på 12 personer och alla var jättenöjda med banan och vill gärna åka dit igen." - Marcus

 3.9 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-06-09

"Very good court with lots of challenges. We liked your court very much. In high season it could be cheaper." - Knut

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-06-08

"Nice corse, price of the buggys may go down and in the high season the green fee is extremely expensive!" - Denis Wassenaar

 3.9 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-05-18

"Good interesting course." - Anonymous

 3.1 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-05-11

"a beautifull course but much to croudy!" - Mark Meijer

 2.9 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-05-01

"Personalen i shopen var otrevliga och rent dåliga, vilket gjorde dag trist." - Nisse Nilsson Kalmar

 3.7 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-04-30

"We play the course twice a year ever time we make the trip over, 8 ball in April and 4 in August but this year despite the amount of rain in the spring the course seemed tired and compared to previous trips was a bit disappointing.But - still a great course." - Ray

 3.9 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-04-15

"Condition of the corse Good but With some veird holes Great Several" - Anonymous

 4.2 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-04-14

"A difficult course to play if you are just starting your season. A few blind shots from tee. You can always find your ball, no rough. Several elevated greens. Only one bad hole. Par three 70 meters Alan" - Alan

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-04-07

"One of the best courses in the area, every hole different and in good condition." - Mr P

 3.6 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-04-04

"Beutiful course!" - Anders

 3.8 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-03-27

"Very scenic golf course Greens desserve to be litlle be more faster. Good service in the Proshop. No restaurant (BAD)... Jacky" - Anonymous

 4.2 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-03-24

"The course was very nice with some great holes. Slow play was a problem tho." - Jim

 3.5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-03-23

"When the course is being played with buggies only using the path and not 90 degree golf. Best to use ordinary hand cart. Preferred lies should be in use as there are a lot of bare areas at the path side of fairways. Returning next week for another 2 rounds. A great layout and testing greens. " - Anonymous

 3.7 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-03-20

"Very good course and difficult. Many blind holes which can be difficult for high HCP players." - Peter

 4.2 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-02-27

"Buggies werent allowed on fairways even though it was dry on my opinion. Nice and beautiful course." - Mikko

 3.6 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-02-26

"Very good golf course in great condition. A strong test with lots of elevated tees, doglegs and raised greens." - Chris T

 3.8 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-02-06

"Nice lay out. Beautiful course but rather expensive." - Golfer x

 4.5 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2018-01-25

"Really nice course. Pricey enough but worth it by Costa del Sol prices. Fairways maybe too bare. Overall we had a very enjoyable experience." - ShayK

 3.8 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2017-11-27

"One of the best courses in the area. Various and nice design." - Stefan Danesand

 3.9 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2017-11-18

"Otroligt natutskön bana med svåra lutande greener. Måste ha koll på med och mot gräs. Annars tre-putt.Spelades i NOV 2017. Vi var bland dom första ut och våran 4-BOLL SPELADE UNDER 4 TIMMAR. Kan rekommendera denna bana, de n är både fin och kul att spela." - Anonymous

 3.7 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2017-11-18

"Quite challenging for the first time because the need for some blind shots. Beautiful course!" - Hcp 17,3

 4 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2017-11-12

"Excelent course. Very wellcoming marshal. Nice views. Challanging golf. Little bit hard to find course entrance." - Edzax

 4.3 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2017-11-10

"The course is a great layout and very pleasing on the eye. Too many good holes to single one out, all of our group were very impressed!" - Brad

 3.6 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2017-11-07

"VI startade kl 13:40 tillsammans med ett Finskt par Att vi fick lov att gå ut och spela 18 var fel av caddymaster De skulle rekommenderat oss att bara spela 9 hål! Efter tre timmar hade vi spelat 9 hål pga framförvarande två boll hade minst hkp 54 Ingen Sheriff syntes eller svarade när vi försökte påtala pågående missförhållande Vi klev av efter 10,5 hål och fick då batteristopp!! Efter 4-5 samtal kom det ut en ersättningsbil......" - Stor Sunken

 4.2 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2017-11-04

"This course is simply my favorite course in spain. " - The Loyal Dane

 4.3 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2017-09-29

"Excellent course" - George Petch

 4.1 / 5 Torrequebrada Golf course played: 2017-09-21

"Absolut a great course. The greenfee is not cheep." - the dane

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