Refugio de Juanar

10 km past the town of Ojén, follow the sign posts and turn left. The Refugio de Juanar is built on the site of an old aristocratic hunting lodge; many famous guests have sought the peace and tranquillity offered, including France’s General Charles de Gaulle, who came here in 1970 to finish his memoirs. It is in a great spot of natural beauty, where visitors can discover delicate flowers including a variety of wild orchids, and animals such as the Golden Eagle, the Eagle Owl, and the rare Spanish Ibex, which thrives in the neighbouring peaks. The Refugio de Juanar is surrounded by a forest of chestnut, pine and the Abies pinsapus, a species of fir tree unique to these mountains.
It is a wonderful place to spend a night away.

However, if you already have accommodation along the coast, make a special effort to visit the hotel’s restaurant.

I have lived here for 4 years and have not found a better restaurant of this style. The kitchen at Refugio de Juanar prides itself in supplying tasty food inspired by the surrounding landscape. Game dishes are a speciality, they include marinated partridge, rabbit, venison, pheasant, quail and, during hunting season, mountain goat, as are traditional Spanish dishes such as Segovia-style roast suckling pig, lamb and roast kid, along with an array of international dishes.
Tel: 952 88 10 00

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