Play golf in Spain

What do you think of when we say Spain?

Paellas, tapas, sun, mediterranean sea, rioja wine, flamenco or maybe bull fighting? We think about Golf! Golf in perfect weather, sunny skies and the club house beer when the round is finished. Can a day be more perfect than that?

For all our like minded friends we created Golf Service. We wanted to make it easy for non-spanish speaking visitors to get out on the courses.

We want our customers that play golf in Spain to get the most out of their golfing holiday and do our very best to be á jour about course conditions and when the golf clubs do maintenance. We understand how frustrating it can be to spend hard earn money on a vacation that you have planned for a long time and then find yourself playing a course that is newly spiked with sand on the green. We don't wan't that to happen to you when you come here to Spain to relax and enjoy the game of golf. However, because of the favorable weather in this part of the world this rarly happens.

What we are most proud of are all the returning customers who come back year after year to play golf in Spain. We see this as a sign that both we and the golf courses are doing what is needed to keep our visitors happy.

Where should I play?

On Costa del Sol also known as Costa del Golf (the Golf coast) where the majority of our golf courses are located there is courses for everyone to play. We have spectacular hilly courses that challenge the most seasoned of golfer. But there also are flat, wide and beautiful courses that are equally good for experienced or novice golfers as well as championship courses of absolutely the best quality. Here you can play golf on the legendary Valderrama, the best golf course in Spain and we dear to claim even the best in europe. Many of the courses Costa del Sol has magic views over the mediterranean sea and usually the backdrop of the Gibraltar cliff and the north African mountains. Don't be nervous to come to Spain to play golf, we guarantee that you'll find a golf course to play that you fall in love with.

Tips and advice when you play golf in Spain.

Unfortually it happens sometimes, it is not common but it happens, that our fellow golfers are victims of theft on the golf course. Be extra careful when a green is close to a public road or a fence and don't leave your bag unattended if you can avoid that. Most if not all clubs have lockers or safes where you can leave keys and valuables while on your round of golf. Don't put your car keys or your wallet in your bag.

Spain is one of the world’s great golfing destinations. Don’t miss the opportunity to play golf in Spain. You will not regret it. 

You can book your teetimes online, call +34 952 787 775, e-mail or visit our office.

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